Good Day

Good Day

© 2013 By Diana Rasmussen

The earth declares your goodness
The mountains sing your praise
The nations bow before You
Today is a good day


Sing to Him oh Heavens
Rejoice in Him oh Earth
Burst into song oh mountains
Today is a good day


We stand before The Lord
We march behind His banner
The Lord of Hosts defends us
Today is a good day


We live inside Your grace
Your mercy’s all around
We magnify Your name
Today is a good day


My lips drop praise like fountains
I lift high your praise
Your banner over me is love
Today is a good day


About dianarasmussen

Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and Customer Service Rep
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7 Responses to Good Day

  1. cshowers says:

    Hallelujah! His banner over me is love! So beautiful, so glorious, so wonderful… He is everything to me, and today is the day that He made… yes, my beloved sister, Today is indeed a good day!


  2. fgassette says:

    I read your words out loud, and they flow like a song upon my lips. What a beautiful message. Indeed, today is a good day.



  3. Heidi Viars says:

    A good day, indeed! Love the idea of His banner over us! blessings to you, dear friend


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