The Lord is My Banner

The Lord is My Banner

Copyright 2013 Diana Rasmussen
The Lord is my banner
My guiding principle
The one I follow
In battle and in peace
On the way to war
He goes before
Jehovah Nissi
Lead us as we pray
In the battleground its planted
Waving in the breeze
Reminds us what were fighting for
Honor is waving free
In the fight we wave it
Triumph over enemies
Reignite our passion
to not give up and run
When the battle is over
We parade it proudly
On display for all to see
Celebrate our victory

About dianarasmussen

Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and Customer Service Rep
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4 Responses to The Lord is My Banner

  1. fgassette says:

    AMEN! Our God is an awesome God!



  2. Ann says:

    For a long time He has given me the word “standard” as in regard to a flag and armies and all that. Interesting that you should post this today given the “uneasiness” we both experienced last night. Do you think that was related to the events of today? Just a thought. Blessings Princess!


    • Oh yeah, most definitely. Let us lift Him up so He can draw all men to Himself. Thx Princess!


      • Ann says:

        Amen! We serve a glorious King! We lift up your name, Jesus, that all men may know that you are Lord. And that at your name every knew shall bow to you and confess that you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Jesus, draw people to you during times of turmoil especially as the day draws near. In Jesus’ name!


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