Prayers and Promises

Rebuilding Lives – One Hope at a Time

What a Sheep Thinks When You Plagiarize Another Pastor’s Sermon (Yes, my rant about how a ‘sheep’ feels when a Pastor takes credit for another Pastor’s sermon.)   You are not talking to God. I want to hear what God has told you this week.…

Plagiarism is Stealing

Forgive yourself

      I came across this picture on Pinterest. I remember how true it is. And then I remember that anything I learned as a kid can be unlearned.  Not all the behaviors I learned will benefit me in my future. And I had…

Learning What We Live




I woke up this morning and Holy Spirit gave me some breakfast. “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Guess He knew I would need that today. Especially after: The coffee pot wouldn’t brew. I am…

A Verse in my Head




Some days are gray for me. Some are full of sunshine and roses, and some days are not. Today is a day of running and bouncing from here to there. I am grateful, yet stressed. These past few months have been a battle that’s for…

Anxiety Attacks



miracles happen

Today is a good day for a miracle. God promised that there would be miracles in our lives. Surely we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living! Rest my friend, it is God in you that does the works. God…

It’s a Great Day for a Miracle



Daniel 10

Warrior Angels ~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~ When I prayed You answered as I asked and believed Provision was sent from Heaven Even when delayed by enemies You sent Warrior Angels to meet my need I felt the Shift in the atmosphere I heard the Heavenly…

Warrior Angels


I was reading a friend’s blog today, Lori Lara on Allowing Our Kids to Question Their Faith when she said something that stirred my spirit. Because faith is what happens when the rant is over; it shows up when the rage is openly drained; it’s…

Faith Happens When the Rant is Over




Originally posted on THE BOOK OF CALLING:
FRAGRANCE  AND  AROMA The true path of Kingdom peace we now walk Kingdom of mercy as a living revelation traveling through time, Gone only once before with strides of power and authority The Ancient One, mighty Anointed One,…


Job 41_22

Have you been considered? By God? Remember Job? Remember Joseph? Are you going through a test right now? I am. I believe that this is a test, it is is only a test. God is more than able to meet all of my needs in…

Have You Been Considered?

palm tree 2

Cupid’s Arrow Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!   This is today’s daily post. I don’t really believe in Cupid. Some little fat dude with wings and arrows that shoots at you. Nope. Not real. I believe that…

HeartStrings for Valentines Day




Untangle Me Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen Knotted to misconceptions Must have lost the directions Wound around past failures Turn around this old behavior Let me be the diamond you wear around your neck Restore the part of me that’s wrecked Turn things around from end…

Untangle Me




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